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Western's Bookstore offers Books-to-Go as the most convenient way to purchase your books. YOU choose what classes you need books for. WE pull the books for your classes directly from our shelves, box the books and have them ready for you to pick up before your classes even begin.

Why use Books-to-Go?

  1. The service is FREE
  2. It is QUICK-saving you precious time!
  3. You get the CORRECT books for your classes-relieving you of the stress of having to hurry around for books.
  4. You SAVE money-there are no shipping fees and MOST PRICES ARE COMPETITIVE WITH AMAZON.COM.
  5. You get FIRST PRIORITY on used books, which cost 25% less than new books.

When & where do I pick up my books?

Your box of books may be picked up in the University Center right before classes begin. You must present an I.D. to claim your books. Books not claimed(unless otherwise arranged) will be returned to the bookshelves and $20 fee will be charged to your account to help defray the cost of processing your order.

How much will my books cost?

The average cost of books is between $300 and $400. PLEASE DO NOT CALL the Bookstore to find what your books will cost. Due to price fluctuations in new, used, and rental prices, and some books not arriving until just before the term begins, it is NOT possible to give an advance total for the books you are purchasing. Your books will be charged to your credit card a week or so before classes start.

How do I register for Books-to-Go

Sign up now! Register online by following one of the links below. Please ensure you choose the correct link, and read the included instructions. Add the courses to the list that you need books for, fill out your information, and complete the reservation. Remember if you already have the book for your class from a previous term DO NOT include it in the list of classes. We will pull and charge any books associated with the courses you choose. If you have any questions please call us at (800)321-0673.


This is a FREE SERVICE! Let us pull your books, charge them, and have them boxed and ready for you to PICKUP.

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