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Book Buyback

The Bookstore sponsors a textbook buyback at the end of each semester.  These are always held during finals week in December and May. 

***Remember that all books are considered used once they are bought for a semester.***

How Buyback Works:

1.     Instructors turn in their book orders for the upcoming semester to the bookstore.

2.     The bookstore then compiles a list of titles that are going to be used again.  Remember that instructors can change their mind at any time.

3.     The bookstore gives the booklist to the used book company.

4.     The used book company buys those books for the bookstore, and they buy books for themselves to sell to other colleges.

How much money you get is affected by a few different factors:

  • 50% of the new price (even if you bought used)

  • The bookstore has an order for this book for the upcoming semester, and needs copies.  This remains the price until quantities are met.

  • 15-25% of the new price (a wholesale price that is set by the used book company)

  • The book has been ordered for the next semester, but the bookstore already has enough copies.

  • The book has not been ordered by an instructor at Western Colorado University, but the used book company will buy it to sell to other colleges.

  • Book is worth $0

  • The book is an old edition, never to be used again.

  • The used book company is overstocked on that title, so they aren't buying anymore.

  • The book has water or other damage, and is not sellable.

  • Special pricing may apply under certain circumstances.

Points to Ponder:

  • Sometimes you may get a better price for you book if you wait until the next buyback to sell your book.  Why?  If the class is only taught in the spring, then the book would not be on the bookstore list (for 50% of the new price) until the December buyback.  If you sold it in the spring you would only get wholesale price as opposed to waiting until the December buyback when it would be on the bookstore list in December.

  • You get the same price for a book no matter what, all books are considered used once they are kept for the semester.